Trailer Tuesday: What the Waters Left Behind (2017)

I knew nothing about this movie, so I made some observations while watching. They were:

  1. What the fuck is with the thumbnail?
  2. Johnny Cash! Yes!
  3. Digging the tone of this so far.
  4. Oh shit––the music got real intense, real fast.
  5. That’s a lot of blood.
  6. Animal imagery––I’ve got a lot to say about animals in horror movies. I should write that blog post.
  7. That’s a lot more blood.
  8. They put THAT in the trailer?
  9. Holy fucking shit that looks amazing.

I cannot wait to see this film.

I haven’t found any news as to when this will get released––hopefully soon!

Until next time, stay scary.



Trailer Tuesday: Killing Ground

Killing Ground looks awesome. I’m a sucker for movies that taking place while camping, so that hooked me right away. Plus, it’s Australian, which means it probably pushes the boundaries of horror, at least a little bit. It does look a bit like Deliverance, at least in delivery (upon looking at the trivia for this movie, apparently Deliverance is referenced!). I’m worried the creepiest moments are in the trailer, though. Here’s to hoping they saved some of the tension for the actual movie-going experience.

Killing Ground comes out 21 July 2017 here in the states.

Until next time, stay scary.


Trailer Tuesday: The Invitation

This week’s Trailer Tuesday looks forward to another April release. On 8 April, The Invitation drops in theaters. The film takes place in what appears to be the course of one night, when a man thinks that his ex-wife and her new husband has sinister plans for him during a dinner party that he has been invited to.

The Invitation looks like it’ll be a tense character study that plays up some psychological moments between the main character and the rest of the dinner party. Psychological horror/thrillers, when done well, are fantastic, so I have high hopes for The Invitation. The acting looks good, the filmography looks good, and the soundtrack sounds like it might be eerily suspenseful. Obviously, April is going to be a busy month for horror lovers!

Until next time, stay scary.